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Sound balls

Sound balls, also called bell balls or audible balls, are first and foremost for people with impaired vision. But also people with normal vision can enjoy balls that can be heard.

In sporting activities for children and the elderly, using sound balls is a good idea. The more senses that are stimulated, the better.

At Handi Life Sport we go to great lengths to offer high quality sound balls. We have light-weight balls for gymnastics, play and rehabilitation - and more robust footballs and rubber balls for futsal for the visually impaired and goal balls.

Handi Life Sport's hand-sewn sound balls are made of first-class synthetic leather - we do not use PVC. The bells are placed in between the outer leather and the butyl rubber bladder, which ensures good sound and good durability.

We also offer black, washable blindfolds with velcro closure. The masks are used for covering the eyes at e.g. goal ball games and training of the senses. 

The Phantom Visor eyeshades of moulded rubber are specially made for the goalball sport. They provide complete closure of sight plus effective protection of the eyes.

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