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Blind Sports


Goalball is the most well known ball game for the blind, invented in Germany in the Fifties, and since the very beginning of the Paralympic programme.

The Goalball  a 1,250 kg. rubber ball with bells inside. The players wear black Eyeshades, to protect the eyes and to ensure that all are completely non-sighted during the game. Two teams play against each other; the aim is to score in the goal on the other team's side of the court, by throwing, rolling or spinning the ball.
Handi Life Sport sell the authorized goalball (Approved by IBSA - the International Blind Sport Association) and are sole distributors of the official Phantom Visor Eyeshades.


Blind football, 5-a-side

Blind football is a new up-coming ball game, called 5-a-side, when played at international level. Blind football is categorized as B1, using players with no sight. The classifications B2 and B3 relate to the version of the game played by those with partial sight. Many soccer clubs have a special division for football for the visually impaired integrated in their club structure.

There are only five players on each team, and the only player on the team with sight is the goalkeeper. Everyone else is wearing masks and some also head protection. The goalkeeper may not leave his/her area around the goal.

Five-a-side is played with a size 3 futsal ball with bells and a low bounce. The players locate the ball purely by sound, and they are directed around the pitch by other players, the manager, a shooting assistant behind the goal and the goalkeeper.

It is very important, that the audience is quiet during the game. This makes the tension rise and results in an explosion of noise, when a goal is scored.
There are no offside rules in the game, and the pitch is surrounded by boards. Each half lasts for 25 minutes, though with the clock stopping whenever the ball goes out of play matches can last for significantly longer than 50 minutes.

Due to the increasing interest, the international competition is getting much better, and the games more exciting, this results in increased financial investment from a lot of countries and of course an increasing number of fans around the world.

Handi Life Sport produce a beautiful and well functioning ball for Five-a-side, approved by IBSA. The Handi Life Sport ball is used world wide, and is the official ball of the German league.

Look at this little film about Blind football played to the UEFA Champions Berlin - FCG de Bordeaux vs MTV Stuttgart

 Blind football 5-a-side

Blind Boccia

Using the Tactile Boccia Grid you can now play Boccia for the Visually Impaired. The Boccia Grid allows the player to feel the game and the position of the balls through sensing with his or her fingertips. Except for the grid, Boccia without vision is played just like ordinary boccia.

The Boccia Grid is made of solid rubber, scaling the court in 1 - 40.

The pegs have different shapes for red and blue team. The two larger pegs indicate the players, and the small pegs represent the balls. The white peg is longer than the others, and represent the target ball.

You will be surprised, but it is quite easy to feel the difference between the pegs and thus “see” the boccia court with your fingertips!.

The referee or an assistant will place the pegs onto the grid to indicate the balls position. The visually impaired player feels the balls postitions and throw the ball in the right direction. The assistant may make a sound (clapping or tapping) by the jack ball, to indicate the right direction.

Read much more about playing with the Boccia Grid here.


Showdown is often compared to table tennis, but the ball is larger and heavier, and the player is smashing the ball under a board, not over a net.

Handi Life Sport supply Showdown balls which comply to the official standards of size and weight.



Torball is another ball game for the blind. Torball is played with a light red rubber ball with bells inside, weighing 500 grams.

Handi Life Sport are suppliers of the officially approved Torball.
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Boccia Grid for Blind Boccia
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