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For inspiration to use boccia see our two films: 

  1. Paralympic bocciaplayer Marco Dispaltro 
  2. Boccia as an inclusive sport played in different ways

Boccia is played at both elite and recreational levels in clubs, schools and activity centres all over the world, and boccia is a Paralympic Sport.
Handi Life Sport manufactures bocia balls for all purposes; for the boccia club or institution that play boccia - and for the elite boccia players, who aim for the Paralympics, making special demands for their personal boccia balls.


Superior Rio2016 is made of very thin and flexible leather, a high quality competition ball which provides full control and precision.

Superior Classic is our well known high quality ball of soft Japanese pu material which improves with time and is extremely durable. Our Superior bocciaballs are available in different categories of hardness:

  • hard (only Superior Classic)
  • medium/hard
  • medium
  • medium/soft
  • soft

Superior Supersoft is a soft and thin ball made of strong PU material. The only one you can get in supersoft hardness.

The Boccia Ledo Series is our new and exclusive boccia ball made of genuine leather, which comes in three different kinds: Ledo - Original, Ledo - New Lobra and Ledo - Suede. The balls are primarily produced for the serious competition boccia player. 

Boccia Basic is a good quality, durable boccia ball that lives up to international specifications. Boccia Basic is made of PU material and is available in medium hardness.


For recreational use in clubs or institutions we advise our customers to choose Classic Superior balls (medium hardness) or Boccia Basic.
For the individual bocciaplayer we recommend either Superior Rio2016, Superior Supersoft, Superior Classic or the new Ledo Series balls.

We advise competiton players to store and carry their boccia balls in our specially made Superior Boccia Case - which effectively protects the round shape of the balls.
Players, who lack the ability to throw the boccia balls into the court, can make use of our Propel boccia ramp.

As something new it is also possible for people who are visually impaired to play boccia - using the Boccia Grid.


Our business partner Boccia England have made 3 fantastic films about Boccia - look at them, get inspired and see for yourself!

- Epic Boccia

- Our Sport

- Ben's Story


Our referee equipment makes it possible to direct the boccia game and provide the correct judgement.

Showing the referees paddle easily signalizes whether red or blue is to play next. Additionally, the soft foam covered referee paddle can be used as convenient knee protection when kneeling down to measure for correct judgement! 

Themeasuring calliper measures differences in distance even up to the nearest millimeter.

The boccia measuring band is fine for measuring distances of up to 3 meters.

For international competitions: the measuring plate is used to control that the balls have the correct size.



Boccia Superior Classic
Boccia Superior Rio
Boccia Superior Supersoft
Boccia Ledo - Original, Boccia Ledo - New Lobra or Boccia Ledo - Suede
Boccia Basic
Boccia ramp
Boccia Grid

Boccia callipers
Boccia measuring band
Boccia measuring plate