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Events and Teambuilding

What do you do when you suddenly have to solve a problem and act without use of visual perception? Is it possible to perform a ball game without sight?
By use of our masks and soundballs for teambuiling and training of the senses, people are challenged in a positive way, and personal limits can be overcome.
Teamwork without use of sight provides new insights about the world, about ourselves and the way we react. By using our other senses (hearing, feeling, smelling, sensing and inuition) they become strengthened and our consciousness expands.

After the experience of life without the faculty of outer sight,  the world is not the same – it is bigger!
Boccia and petanque is an easy, fun and social way of getting people together, everyone can participate no matter their age and physical strength.
We recommend:
Boccia Basic
Boccia Superior Classic (medium hardness)
Boccia Lawn
Petanque Superior
Petanque Basic
Petanque Light
Cotton masks
Futsal ball with bells
Soccer ball with bells