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Paralympic sport

For inspiration look at this film about: Paralympic bocciaplayer Marco Dispaltro  

Today Adapted Sport is an integrated part of the sports world.
Adapted Sport is played at elite level, yet has far wider appeal as a recreational sport.

The elite sportsmen and women devote all their time to the incredible sport performances we see at international competitions – above all at the Paralympic games that are held every fourth year in connection with the Olympic Games.
Adapted sport at the grass roots/recreational level, is developed and performed in thousands of clubs, institutions, municipalities, schools, programmes etc. all over the world.
This is where people with disabilities enjoy their sport together with others – and where new sports are developed and talents recruited.


Boccia is a ball game of precision and tactic, played indoors on a hard surface (can also be played outdoors on terraces, or on the lawn). Two players – or two teams – compete. Each player, or team, has 6 balls of either red or blue. The aim is to place one's balls closest to the white target ball.
Boccia is an exciting game to perform and to look at – you never know how it will end up until the last ball has been thrown into the court!
Handi Life Sport boccia balls have been used by all Paralympic Games since Seoul 1988 – and were also used in London 2012.
Many elite Boccia players have customized sets specially made for them by Handi Life Sport.

For competition players and for adapted sport clubs we recommend Superior Classic, Superior Rio2016, Superior Supersoft or our new Boccia Ledo Series.

Boccia players who need assistance in throwing the ball into the court can do so by using a special boccia ramp.


Goalball is the oldest and most wellknown ball game for the blind and visually impaired. It was invented in Germany in the 1950’s, and have been played by all Paralympics since 1976.

There are six players on each team – and the objective is to score in the opponent's goal with the 1250 gram rubber ball with bells.
Players wear eyeshades to protect the eyes and to ensure that all players are completely non-sighted.

Football five-a-side

Football five-a-side is the new rapidly growing sport for the blind and visually impaired! It started in South America and Spain, and is now spreading all over the world. The sport became a Paralympic discipline in 2004.
Football for the Blind is well integrated in many soccer clubs, who have a special division for five-a-side. The sport is played with a size 3 futsal ball with integrated bells, and is performed on a small court. Players wear masks – some also head protection – and there are only five players on each team at a time. The teams’ sighted coaches give directions to the players.
Handi Life Sports futsal ball for soccer for the blind is approved for international competitions by IBSA (The International Blind Sports Association) and preferred by most national leagues and international competitions. And will be the official blind football at the Paralympic in Rio 2016.
We recommend:
Boccia Superior Classic
Boccia Superior Rio2016
Boccia Superior Supersoft
Boccia Ledo Series
Boccia Basic
Boccia measuring equipment
Boccia ramp
HLS futsal with bells (approved by IBSA)
HLS soccer ball with bells, size 5
Goalball eyeshades and Cotton masks