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Petanque players

Petanque is a popular sport for people who know how to enjoy life! Once only played in the parks in the Mediterranean region, petanque has now spread to the whole of Europe and afar (further).

With Handi Life Sports soft petanque balls you do not need an outdoor gravel court - because with our soft petanque balls, the sport can be played on all hard surfaces, such as wooden floors, terraces, carpets and tiles.

No need to cancel the petanque game because of bad weather - you just play indoors!

Our Superior Petanque set are handsewn balls made of the finest Japanese PU-Leather. Comes in 12 and 6 balls sets.

Petanque Light is our outdoor Petanque. It is solid moulded balls for outdoor petanque on grass or gravel. The balls are much lighter than the ordinary petanque outdoor ball - only app. 300 grams per ball. Ideal for people with reduced strength in their arms.



Petanque Superior
Petanque Light
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