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Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

For succesfull rehabilitation it is important to add fun and social activity to training sessions.
Playing boccia or petanque strengthens coordination and balance as well as giving clients a good time whilst practising. Boccia and petanque can be played in very little space - just a few square meters of floor space is required. For inspiration watch this film, which shows the happy life in a senior petanque sport Club 
Soundballs are great for simple ball exercises, and for people with weakened senses - the agreable tingling sound is a fine extra stimulus.

Rehabilitation brochure

For more information and inspiration look at our brochure.
We recommend:
Boccia Superior Classic, medium or medium soft
Boccia Basic
Petanque Superior, 12 or 6 balls
Petanque Basic
Petanque Light, 12 or 6 balls
Sound balls