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Teambuiling and Sense-Training is made easy by use of Handi Life Sport masks and soundballs. By blocking out the perception of sight, students are challenged in a simple yet profound way and personal limits can be overcome.
Teamwork without the use of sight provides us with new insights about the world and ourselves! Our other senses are used more and strengthened, and our consciousness is expanded.

Physical education:

Boccia is a fine way of integrating physically handicapped students with their able-bodied classmates. Boccia can be played by all people, no matter their physical strength. Wheelchair-users can easily join the game.

Rollerboards are well suited for able-bodied as well as for students with physical disabilities. Lying on the board on your stomach, you move by pushing with your arms. Rollerboard Sport is a lot of fun and gives excellent training of the back muscles. Our rollerboards are comfortable and with easy-rolling wheels.
For integration of the visually impaired students we recommend ball games with sound balls – also called audible balls – and cotton masks. This makes sure that everyone is on equal footing – and the visually impaired athlete can compete with the others.

For inspiration to use boccia as an inclusive sport look at this film: boccia as an inclusive sport played in different ways
We recommend: 

Boccia superior Classic
Boccia Basic
Futsal ball with bells
Soccer ball with bells
Goalball (for students min. 14 years old)
Cotton masks