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Order & Prices

Please note: Due to summer closure we will not be able to dispatch any orders before 8. August 2017. 

Complete this form and press the continue button at the bottom. Within two days, we will send you an e-mail with the total price including delivery and order number and a payment link. 

If you are unsure about ex. the hardness of your balls - please write us an email on hls@handilifesport.com, and we will send you our advice.

Please note that the shown prices are in Euro exclusive of VAT costs.

Product no. Product Count Price € Info
0010-EXP1020 Boccia Superior Classic in Superior boccia case
288,00 Image
0015-EXP1022 Boccia Superior Supersoft in Superior boccia case
288,00 Image
0030-EXP1004 Boccia Superior Rio2016 in Superior boccia case
288,00 Image
0040-EXP1015 Ledo - Original Boccia balls i
338,00 Image
0040-EXP1016 Ledo - New Lobra Boccia balls
338,00 Image
0040-EXP1017 Ledo - Suede Boccia balls
338,00 Image
0050-EXP1000 Boccia Superior Classic in blue boccia shoulder bag
268,00 Image
0055-EXP1005 Boccia Superior Supersoft in blue boccia shoulder bag
268,00 Image
0070-EXP1003 Boccia Superior Rio2016 in blue boccia shoulder bag
268,00 Image
0080-EXP1001 Boccia New Standard
148,00 Image
0090-EXP1030 Mini boccia
98,00 Image
0091-EXP1129 Complete mini boccia set
149,00 Image
0092-EXP1131 Table boccia ramp, wood
75,00 Image
0100-EXP1010 Boccia Lawn
88,00 Image
0100-EXP1014 Boccia Grid for Blind Boccia
99,00 Image
0110-EXP1162 Superior boccia case
105,00 Image
0120-EXP1160 Boccia bag, blue shoulder bag
44,00 Image
0121-EXP1104 Boccia ball Pick Up
78,00 Image
0130-EXP1115 BISFed boccia measuring plate
30,00 Image
0140-EXP1100 Boccia and petanque measuring band
15,00 Image
0150-EXP1105 Measuring calliper, 14 cm
12,00 Image
0160-EXP1106 Measuring calliper, 29 cm
20,00 Image
0170-EXP1130 Boccia tape, black/white, 48 mm wide, 66m, box with 36 rolls
146,00 Image
0170-EXP1132 Red tape, 19 mm
6,00 Image
0170-EXP1135 Boccia tape, black/white, 48 mm wide, 66m, per roll
6,00 Image
0170-EXP1137 Red/white boccia tape, 38 mm, box with 48 rolls
144,00 Image
0170-EXP1138 Red/white boccia tape, 38 mm
5,00 Image
0190-EXP1112 Referees paddle, red/blue
7,00 Image
0200-EXP1116 Referee's Kit (paddle, measuring band and calliper).
34,00 Image
0210-EXP1113 Boccia referee nylon bag
14,00 Image
0220-EXP1140 Single Superior Classic boccia ball
26,00 Image
0225-EXP1142 Single Superior Supersoft boccia ball
26,00 Image
0230-EXP1145 Single Superior Rio2016 boccia ball
26,00 Image
0235-EXP1146 Single Ledo - Original boccia ball
29,00 Image
0235-EXP1147 Single Ledo - New Lobra boccia ball
29,00 Image
0235-EXP1148 Single Ledo - Suede boccia ball
29,00 Image
0240-EXP1141 Single BocciaNew Standard ball
15,00 Image
0246-EXP1109 Boccia ball tray for 7 balls
29,00 Image
0247-EXP1114 Boccia ball tray for 6 balls
29,00 Image
0250-EXP1119 Propel ramp for boccia
108,00 Image
0251-EXP1120 40 cm extentions to the Propel ramp
52,00 Image
0252-EXP1121 60 cm extentions to the Propel ramp
60,00 Image
0252-EXP1169 Headpointer
120,00 Image
0253-EXP1127 Boccia seat
130,00 Image
0290-EXP2000 Superior petanque, indoor, 12 balls
228,00 Image
0300-EXP2010 Superior petanque indoor, 6 balls
108,00 Image
0320-EXP2050 Single indoor Superior petanque ball
23,00 Image
0340-EXP2060 Single small petanque target ball
10,00 Image
0342-EXP2063 Petanque Light, 12 balls
98,00 Image
0343-EXP2064 Petanque Light, 6 balls
58,00 Image
0349-EXP5002 Wheelchair soccer
75,00 Image
0350-EXP5005 Blind football
48,00 Image
0360-EXP5006 Futsal ball with good rattling sound, yellow, size 3
35,00 Image
0365-EXP5008 Blind football start up kit
36,00 Image
0370-EXP5007 Soccerball, size 5
29,00 Image
0390-EXP5020 Jumbo ball, diameter 29 cm, 640 gr.
45,00 Image
0400-EXP5070 Medino ball, diameter 21 cm, 430 gr.
32,00 Image
0410-EXP5060 Petito ball, diameter 13 cm, 140 gr.
29,00 Image
0420-EXP5035 Goalball, blue rubber
64,00 Image
0421-EXP5034 Goalball, juniors
62,00 Image
0440-EXP5085 Goalball eyeshades
37,00 Image
0460-EXP5040 Torball, red rubber
42,00 Image
0470-EXP5045 Basketball, orange rubber, size 5
24,00 Image
0480-EXP5050 Showdown ball
6,00 Image
0480-EXP5052 Showdown bats
38,00 Image
0480-EXP5054 Showdown glove
15,00 Image
0500-EXP5095 Valve oil (silicone) 10 ml bottle
3,00 Image
0510-EXP5088 10 polyester masks
19,80 Image
0510-EXP5090 Blindfolds /Cotton masks
6,00 Image
0530-EXP4000 Rollerboard
99,75 Image
0550-EXP9020 2 Handi Weights, 700 g
39,00 Image
0560-EXP3000 Indoor & outdoor croquet
174,00 Image
AN3501 Leather necklace w/boccia ball
25,00 Image
BB3501 Leather bracelet w/boccia ball
20,00 Image
BB401 Leather Necklace w/boccia ball
39,00 Image
BB601 Black leather bracelet w/bocci
29,00 Image
BB602 Brown leather bracelet w/bocci
29,00 Image
BB605 Leather Necklace w/boccia ball
39,00 Image
BB612 Steel necklace w/boccia ball
39,00 Image
GB04S Boccia earring - flat earpost
25,00 Image
GB08KC2 Boccia key chain
10,00 Image
GB08P Boccia ball - pendant
15,00 Image
GB09B Boccia balls - beads
7,00 Image
GB10FP_C Boccia Necklace silver chain
40,00 Image
GB611E Silver boccia earrings
29,00 Image