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Handi Life Sport’s Superior Boccia balls live up to BISFed’s (Boccia International Sport Federation) requirements regarding weight and size.

Weight: 275 gr. +/-12 gr. Circumference: 270 mm +/-8 mm

As a basis, Superior Classic and Rio2016 balls are supplied in medium hardness. However, the balls can be supplied in different degrees of hardness. Players with weak arm strength often prefer hard balls, which roll further. Other players prefer soft balls, which are easier to place on the course. Notice if you want a supersoft ball, you have to order Superior Supersoft.

Boccia SuperiorBoccia Superior i Blue bag

Contact us and we will supply precisely the boccia game you require – we are also willing to supply sets of boccia balls of varying degrees of hardness!

Superior sets are delivered in either a blue shoulder bag – or in our Superior boccia case with protection inlay, which comes in blue, red or black. The blue Superior boccia case is not in stock at the moment.


Superior Boccia bags

Choose between Superior Classic, Superior Rio2016 or Superior Supersoft:



The balls are hand-sewn from first-class Japanese synthetic leather (PU quality), which is selected because it is flexible, soft, strong and at the same time incredibly durable – in fact, Superior Boccia balls only get better with time! The filling is a specially manufactured, environmentally friendly plastic granule, which gives the ball stability and good playing abilities. We provide a 3-year guarantee.

Superior Classic is our most sold and well-known boccia ball. These balls can be supplied in 5 different degrees of hardness: Hard, medium/hard, medium, medium/soft, and soft.

Boccia Superior Classic balls



Superior Rio2016 is our newest Boccia model, handsewn of even thinner and more flexible synthetic leather (PU quality) with a structure that provides a good grip. Superior Rio2016 is a high quality competition ball which provides full control and precision. The filling is a specially manufactured, environmentally friendly plastic granule.

The Superior Rio2016 balls can be supplied in 4 different degrees of hardness: medium/hard, medium, medium/soft, and soft.

We provide a 2-year guarantee.



A Superior Supersoft ball only comes in one hardness – supersoft. Superior Supersoft is a soft and thin ball made of strong PU material.

Boccia Superior balls

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