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Target Floor Mat and 12 Beanbags


NEW: Floor Target Mat with 12 Beanbags

A target mat for playing different games with your bean bags!

Excellent HLS quality! This Target Mat will stick to the floor and lie complete flat (no folds).
Thin & flexible natural rubber (2mm) covered with polyester, 900 x 900 mm.

The Beanbags is made of polyester with plastic pellets inside. The set consits of 12 Beanbags: 3 red, 3 blue, 3 yellow and 3 green. Each Beanbag weigh approximately 80 grams.

Games are just more fun with good quality equipment!

You can use the Target Mat as a kind of “curling” game played with your beanbags, or the players can sit in a circle and play towards the center. This will be a more social way of playing, since the players face each other.

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Weight 2500 g



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