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Petanque for indoor and outdoor

Petanque is a sport for pleasure-loving people who like to compete in an exciting and friendly atmosphere

Indoor Petanque (also called soft petanque) is played on all kinds of floors - wooden, tiled, carpeted - as the soft balls of synthetic leather will not damage the floor. The balls can also be used outdoors on flagstones and asphalt. Similar to the game Boule and Boccia, the game is about placing your own balls as close as possible to the target ball called the "jack".

  • Petanque can be played all year round - regardless of the elements
  • Petanque strengthens the physical condition, balance and concentration
  • Petanque is a sport filled with good times and southern French charm
  • Petanque is for everyone - young as well as old.

For inspiration look at our film about the happy life in a senior petanque sport club  

We offer our Indoor Petanque Superior a high quality petanque soft ball - available in sets with either 12 or 6 balls.

Petanque Light for outdoor

We also offer Outdoor Petanque - our Petanque Light

A petanque game for outdoor play on grass or gravel. Ideal for people with reduced strength in their arms as the balls are lighter (only app. 300 grams per ball). The balls come in bright and vivid colours (black, white, red, blue, yellow and orange), so they are easy to see.

Petanque Light is sold in sets of either 12 balls plus target balls - or 6 balls plus target ball.

Petanque overview of the various sets.