Bowling in different variations has been played for many centuries, outdoors and indoors.

The historical Skittle Games (still played in some countries) are the forerunners of modern bowling.

Today Bowling is a popular recreational activity played in special indoor bowling facilities in more than 90 countries.


Bowling is a target sport in which the player rolls a ball down a lane aiming to knock down the pins/skittles.

A strike is achieved when all pins are knocked down on first roll; when it takes two rolls, a spare is achieved.

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Adapted Bowling is great fun for all ages!

It can easily be set up in schools, activity centres, rehab centres and nursing homes.

The game just needs a little space and can be combined with your Boccia or Petanque set for new challenging precision games.

Bowling Light can also be played as a tabletop game.


We offer 3 kinds of light weight Bowling sets for indoor play, played on any kind of surface:

Ten-Pin Bowling Soft: 10 foam skittles/pins and 1 soft bowling ball (EXP1027)

Bowling light: 6 neoprene skittles and an easily controllable soft ball (EXP1021)

Bowling Partout: 10 colourful skittles/pins and 2 balls (EXP1024)


If you need some inspiration to play bowling in an alternative way, we have a lot of ideas. Here are a few:

  • Use our Bowling Light to play a nice bowling game on the table
  • Place some of the Passing Gates on the floor and throw the bowling balls through the gates to practice precision
  • Place the skittles after the Passing Gates, and practice bowling through the gates – another precision practice
  • Place one skittle after each gate and throw the bowling balls through the Passing Gate to hit and overturn the skittle
  • Place the skittles in different places on The Floor Target Mat – give the player points depending on which skittles are overturned


Find more info about the Passing Gates here and the Floor Target Mat here.