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Blind sports

Organized sports for people with vision impairment (VI) started more than 100 years ago. After WWl, the many wounded young soldiers who had lost their eyesight partly or totally during the war needed some fun physical training, and Goalball was invented in Germany as part of their rehabilitation.

Sport for the Blind has steadily been growing since, and today a wide variety of VI sports and games are available – and more sports are beeing invented!

The use of masks

Many people wonder why blind people use masks or eyeshades when they do their sport? They do so to set everyone on equal footing: no sight and no light is allowed during blind sports.

This rule makes it easy for sighted people to join the fun: wear an effective Blind Sport mask and you can play on equal footing with the visually impaired friends!

In Handi Life Sport we give priority to Blind Sport equipment, and we are constantly improving our VI products and developing new VI equipment.

Paralympic Blind Sports

Lots of Blind Sport disciplines are performed at the Paralympic Games such as athletics, swimming, tandem cycling, judo, powerlifting, goalball and blind football.

We offer the highest Paralympic Quality in equipment for goalball and blind football; Handi Life Sport´s Blind Footballs were used at the Paralympic Games in Tokyo2020 and Rio2016.

Blind football in Tokyo2020 with Fuji Flame from Handi Life Sport

… and if you are not there yet: The University of Cape Town’s (UCT) Parasport Club hosted a Blind football workshop to learn about the possibilities. Watch and learn more about Blind football:

Children with visual impairment

Children with visual impairment have special needs when it comes to physical play and sport activities – it is just not easy to run around and move freely, when you are constantly at risk of running into something and hurt yourself. So, VI children need special attention when it comes to crucial physical and motor development.

All research show that if VI children who have a strong and flexible body, as well as a good balance and body control, will feel more self-confident and simply do better in life.

Visually impaired boy with Rainbow blind football

VI Sport in families and among friends

VI Sport in families and among friends: It should of course be possible to include visually impaired friends or family members in fun sports activities!

Our audible multipurpose balls are made for games where everyone can participate, and if you want to put everyone on equal footing: just wear blindfolds!

Showdown is a great game which is fun for both the sighted and the visually impaired.

Nikolaj playing showdown

Blind Sports in Schools

It is great for the visually impaired student to be included in PE, and it is also highly beneficial for the sighted students to learn to navigate without vision.

Try a game of blind football, og goalball, or do training exercises with blindfolds and running tethers!

The students will learn a lot about balance, perception and communication with others, and they will get a deeper understanding of how their visually impaired friends perceive the world.

Playing Blind football in school

VI Sports in Care Homes

The percentage of people with visual impairment is rising dramatically with age, and many seniors will benefit from the using sports equipment for the visually impaired.

The extra stimuli from sound will make it easier to focus and participate in the activities.

Playing with sound ball in Care Home

VI Sport for Rehabilitation

It is important to experience that it is still possible to have an active life with enjoyable sport experiences after having experienced vision loss. You can still play tennis, football, boccia and adapted table tennis – and you can still play with your friends and family.

Joy and positive expectations improve the rehabilitation process. We believe in the concept of Fun Rehab!

Elderly people playing with sound ball

VI Sports – also for sighted people & teambuilding

It is a fun and beneficial experience for sighted people to try blind sports. Wearing a mask, participants will have to learn to navigate by using their other senses: hearing, sensing, feeling, smelling, etc.

In today’s society, with screens and electric light available everywhere, it is a valuable experience for everyone to move and function without sight. Learning how to function without vision is a brain-developing and mind-blowing experience that will create awareness about how your other senses work.

Sighted playing Showdown with Justa Blind Sports Mask Playing blind boccia in the family

Handi Life Sport supply equipment for the following Blind Sports

  • Blind Footballs for 5-a-side (the VI adapted version of soccer)
  • Heavy moulded goalballs, masks and court marking tape for the traditional Goalball
  • Rubber balls and masks for Torball
  • Rattling tennisballs for amazing VI Tennis
  • Running tethers for comfortable and safe walking & Running with a guide
  • Showdown tables and other equipment for the fun and inclusive Showdown game
  • Comfortable & protective Masks to secure that all VI athletes have the same level of vision (meaning: no vision!)
  • Boccia Touch Board for tactile “seeing” with your fingertips how the boccia balls are positioned on the big court.
  • Many types of multiple purpose Audible balls for play and sport, with bells, rattling sound devices or electronic sound
  • And more sports and equipment are being developed!


In Handi Life Sport it is our philosophy that equipment for VI sport should be Attractive and of High Functionality & Quality.

Because the visually impaired children, grownups and seniors deserve the best!

Activity kit for Blind Sport