Showdown is a fun and fast-paced game that is mainly played by the blind and visually impaired. It is similar to air hockey and table tennis, but it still has its own unique identity.

The game is played on a rectangular table with 15 cm tall sidewalls and a goal pocket in each end. In the middle of the table is the so-called centreboard screen that allows the ball to pass underneath but not above it. The players, who are wearing blind folds, are standing at each end of the table, trying to score in the opponent’s goal while protecting their own goal. The rattling plastic ball hits hard, so the players wear a protective glove on their playing hand.

Everyone can play showdown as long as they are wearing blind folds. It is a great game for people with and without visual impairments to play together.

Showdown is played all over the world, and it is especially common in Canada, South America, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. Showdown is a competitive sport for the blind and visually impaired.

Watch this video about a Swedish boy who plays showdown:

Nikolaj playing showdown
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Two players participate, one at each side of the table.

The table has 15 cm tall sidewalls and a centreboard screen in the middle.

The game is played with rectangular bats and an audible plastic ball that is 6 cm in diameter.

The ball must pass under the centreboard screen.

A goal is scored when the ball passes fully into the goal pocket.

It is a good idea to play with a showdown glove on the hand the bat is held in to protect the hand.

Read more about Showdown at: IBSA’s website


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