Volleyball is a well-known sport that is beloved throughout the world.

The sport also exists as a para-sport: Sitting Volleyball. The players are seated on the floor while playing, and the net is placed in a lower position than in standing volleyball. Sitting volleyball is a popular sport among leg amputees.

In India, they play volleyball for the blind and visually impaired – look at the film below the pictures to the right.

An alternative way of playing blind volleyball is to hang a piece of cloth over the net, making it impossible for the players to see their opponents, and use a soundball so the players have to listen for the ball when playing. A great and fun game, e.g. for team building. Check here for an example on YouTube.

Handi Life Sport produces exquisite volleyballs with great rattling sounds. These balls can be used to a number of different games, practices and activities.

Sitting volleyball is also played at activity centres for the elderly: the participants are sitting on each side of a table with a court divider/net in the middle. It is played with a very light ball. The ball is knocked onto the opponent’s side of the table, and the goal is to keep the ball from touching the floor. In Handi Life Sport you can buy a Sitting Volleyball set with two Balloon Balls, a Court Divider and instructions – then you are ready to play!

Our Amika ball or Velvet balls can also be used for sitting volleyball at activity centres and nursing homes.

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Handi Life Sport offers glasses, eyeshades and masks that are used to ensure that none of the participants can see in the various sports for visually impaired.

We offer our excellent Justa Blind Sports Mask and polyester masks (red or black). The Justa Blind Sports Mask are used for Goalball, Showdown, Football for the Blind (5-a-side), Torball and other kinds of blind sports.

The masks can also be used for teambuilding and sense training.

More information about the eyeshades in our shop