Everybody knows basketball – an action-packed and high-paced sport – which is also played by wheelchair users as a Paralympic sport.

However, basketball can also be played in a lower tempo using a sound ball, which allows the visually impaired to participate. Sitting in a circle around the basket, the participants take turns to shoot the ball into the basket. It is a great activity for the elderly visually impaired.

The basketballs from Handi Life Sport are fitted with bells. The size is a regular basketball: size 7 – weight: 660 grams. They can be used in a number of different ball activities for the visually impaired, including in the swimming pool or on the beach.

Use a Standing Circle Goal when you play Basketball. The Standing Circle Goal has the same diameter as an official basketball net and a height of 53 cm. It stands stable on its 3 legs equipped with rubber feet and the net is closed at the bottom. The goal can also be used for adapted Wheelchair Basket.

In our product range we have many different balls in different sizes and materials – with and without sound. Petito foam is a small and soft squeezable sound ball. Our Velvet balls are soft as well, but without sound. Both kind of balls are very well suited for small kids and elderly people in a game of basketball.

Playing witb Boccia balls and Standing Circle Goal
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Handi Life Sport also offers glasses and masks that are used to ensure that none of the participants can see in the various sports for visually impaired.

We offer our excellent Justa Blind Sports Mask and polyester masks (red or black). The Justa Blind Sports Mask is used for goalball, showdown, football for the blind (5-a-side) and other kinds of blind sports.

The masks can also be used for teambuilding and sensory exercise.

Click here to find all the different kind of masks.