Handi Life Sport

We aim to provide our customers from all over
the world the best possible service, and, in doing so,
providing them with the best possible products.

Founders of Handi Life Sport


After developing and producing sports equipment for more than 30 years, we know what matters to our customers.

We know that sport is an important aspect of inclusion and rehabilitation. No matter if you have a disability or are able-bodied, are young or old, healthy or ill – everyone can benefit from the exitement and growth that sports and games create.

Jens Bromann’s personal experience with the international scene of sports for the disabled formed the basis for the company’s estabilshment in 1987. As a young Paralympic goalball player (and later as the Vice President of the International Paralympic Committee), Jens discovered himself how sports can help people with disabilities become empowered and independent.

Handi Life Sport Was Established When a Sudden Need for Boccia Balls Arose

In the middle of the 1980’s, a small group of Scandinavian athletes with disabilities started playing indoor boccia. Their balls were homemade and of poor quality, and they needed a useable and more reliable ball to play this new, popular sport. Jens and Kirsten Bromann took on the challenge and begun developing a boccia ball.

The project was successful. Handi Life Sport created a high-quality boccia ball, and from then on, the sport developed quickly. Boccia was featured in the 1988 Seoul Paralympics, and the athletes played with the ball made by the small Danish company.

Today, 30 years later, Handi Life Sport offers a wide selection of equipment for sports, leisure and rehabilitation: boccia, petanque, sound balls, croquet, bowling, showdown, as well as a range of adapted balls.

The Principles that Form the Foundation of Our Company Are:

  • Quality and Design: Equipment for rehabilitation and sports for the disabled must be pleasing, appealing and exude quality.
  • Rethinking and Inclusion: Everybody has something to offer, and everybody are able to participate in their own way.
  • Respect the Customer: Listening to our customers experiences and providing them with good service is the be-all and end-all of our company.

Handi Life Sport is located in Skibby, Denmark. From here, we dispatch our products to customers in more than 80 different countries on six continents.

It is our goal that every product we deliver will bring value and joy to the customer!