Boccia is a form of boules quite similar to petanque. But contrary to petanque, boccia is primarily played indoors.

Boccia is a technical and strategic precision sport with the objective of placing your own balls as close to the target ball, called the jack, as possible. You also have to keep the opponent from scoring by shooting their balls away from the jack.

A set of boccia consists of six red and six blue boccia balls, as well as a white jack ball. Each ball has a circumference of 270 mm and weighs approximately 275 g.

Many different people benefit greatly from playing boccia. It is a sport everyone can take part in and acquire new skills in.

Boccia is a Paralympic sport, but it is also a very popular non-elite mass participation sport. It is said that boccia is the fastest growing sport in the world!


Boccia is a true grassroots sport. In 1968, a couple of Danish para-sports clubs came up with the idea of playing indoors boccia with homemade boccia balls, and their enthusiasm about the game inspired others to participate.

The sport grew slowly, but steadily, and it spread to several other countries. In 1998, boccia became a Paralympic sport for the most motorically challenged disabled people.

Today, boccia is organized by BISFed, Boccia International Sports Federation, which has 75 member countries.

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  • Two teams play against each other. One plays against one, two against two, or three against three.
  • If desired, you can add the rule that all players have to sit down while shooting. Otherwise, you can let the players decide themselves whether they want to play sitting or standing.
  • The dimensions of an official boccia court are 6×10 meters, but a 3×5 court can work as well – simply use the space available! You can choose to mark the starting line or the entire court with tape.
  • One team plays with the red balls, the other plays with the blue balls. The players are sitting or standing next to each other facing the starting line.
  • The game beings: Team Red beings by throwing the white jack ball onto the court. Then, Team Red throws a red ball, trying to place it as close to the jack as possible.
  • Then Team Blue throws one or more balls, attempting to place one of their balls closer to the jack ball than the red. When a blue ball is closest to the jack ball, or when Team Blue is out of balls, the turn reverts to Team Red.
  • If the jack is pushed out of court, it is reinserted into the middle of the court. If desired, you can mark the middle with a cross. The game then continues.
  • When all balls have been thrown, the round is over.
  • Counting points: The team whose ball is closest to the jack has won. 1 point is given for each ball closer to the jack than the opponent’s closest ball. The minimum number of points per round is 1, the maximum number of points is 6. If there is a tie – e.g. if both a red and a blue ball is touching the jack – both teams are given 1 point.
  • In the next round, Team Blue starts the game by throwing the jack onto the court.
  • A boccia match consists of four rounds (called ends in the official rules).

Alternative rules:

  • For a quicker and simpler game, you can choose to let red and blue alternate throws.


Read the official boccia rules on BISFed’s homepage:


The dimensions of an official boccia court are 6×10 meters, but a 3×5 court can work as well – simply use the space available!

At boccia competitions, the court is marked with boccia tape. The white jack ball must be in the dark grey area; if it lands in the light grey area when thrown, it is given to the other team who re-throws it. If the jack ball is shot out of court during play, it is placed on the cross marked in the middle of the court.










“I am a Boccia coach in Incheon in Korea who ordered supersoft balls a few months ago. I would like to order again those items.

Actually, I had joined the national competition a month ago and my player got the silver medal with your supersoft balls.
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Hangchul Jo, Boccia Coach, Incheon in South Korea, September 2019

(The pictures show JaeSang Ju, who won the silver medal and his coach Hangchul Jo)

“For 15 years, CP Sport, Nottingham, has sold Handi Life Sport’s boccia equipment in England, Scotland and Wales. The popularity of the boccia sport is now strongly increasing and boccia is played by a broad spectrum of people within senior sports, the leisure sector, rehabilitation, and disabled sports.

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Peter Pearse, Chairman of The International Boccia Committee (IBC) in 2008:

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David Bacon, Volunteer Den Bosch, The Netherlands:
e-mail received in 2014

“Hello, I just wanted to give some feedback on your boccia ball set. I am a volunteer at an old people’s center in Den Bosch, Holland. Every week, when I can, I help with a game using your product. After 4 years the balls are in excellent condition even though they are regularly used. More importantly, the residents really enjoy the game which they can easily manage and provides the possibility of skill and chance.

Many thanks.”

David Bacon
volunteer Den Bosch

Andrea Madunová, Chairwoman of the Organization of Muscular Dystrophy, Slovak Republic​:

“For people suffering from muscular dystrophy boccia meant revolution, because it has opened for them the door leading back to the gym. For many people, the Handi Life Sport brand is associated with the balls and the game of boccia.”


If you need some inspiration to play boccia in an alternative way, we have a lot of ideas. Here are a few:

  • Use our skittles to play a nice bowling game with your boccia balls – a fun precision game.
  • Place some of our gates on the boccia court and throw the boccia balls through the gates to practice precision.
  • Place the players in a circle, put a Standing Circle goal in the middle and let the players throw the boccia balls into the goal.
  • Use our Floor Target Mat for playing different games with your boccia balls. You can use the Floor Target Mat as a kind of “curling” game played with your balls, or the players can sit in a circle and play towards the center. This will be a more social way of playing boccia, since the players face each other.

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