Former Paralympic Blind Footballer, United Kingdom

“I just wanted to write and let you know that the two audible balls we ordered last year (Rattle ball, soccer size and Petito ball) are brilliant. I am a former Paralympic blind footballer with a severely visually impaired son.  

I wanted him to enjoy football, but felt that at 9 years old, the IBSA specification balls would be too heavy and difficult for him. The Rattle Ball is perfect for him to use for recreation and fun as it makes just as good a sound as the IBSA version, but is much lighter and easy to use.  

I struggled a lot with access to the right kind of equipment myself as a kid and I’m determined that my son should not have to scale the same obstacles as I did. Your work in this area and the sheer scale and variety of options available is a massive massive benefit to us compared to the situation of my youth – which apparently was back when the dinosaurs were around!”

Boccia Ledo Suede balls

Premium goods (Ledo Suede Supersoft boccia balls and bags)

Vivien Nagy, BC4 boccia player, Budapest, Hungary

Dear Handi Life Sport, Everything arrived in one piece today!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! ❤ I’m going to training today and I will check the new balls on court. I catched them already and I really like them and I’m sure these are supersoft. ?? Before the competition I will use the Bisfed test kit to check the balls with ramp test for sure. You know the new rules are really hard. In the call room if we have a bad ball the referees take them out and we won’t get another one and they will check our balls after the match once more so this is a true nightmare I think..??? I always check my balls when I finish the training.?? Thank you very much for a lot of help and for these premium goods. I hope they will help me a lot in competitions. 🙂 I wish the best for all of you! Vivien Nagy


Camp Abilities, USA

“We appreciate all of your help within the past year with Camp Abilities and the different 5-a-side orders. We have shared your name with over 30+ people about your soccer balls and have only heard positive things. We are always recommending you to people who are curious about getting into blind soccer and are looking into order equipment for themselves.”
Hangchul Jo – BOCCIA

Hangchul Jo – BOCCIA

Boccia Coach, Incheon in South Korea (the picture shows JaeSang Ju, who won the silver medal, and his coach Hangchul Jo)

“I am a Boccia couch in Incheon in Korea who ordered supersoft balls few month ago. I would like to order again those items. Actually, I had joined national competition a month ago and my player got the silver medal with your supersoft balls. That was first time for my player to get the medal. What a suprise!!!”
Gustav Kallan – GOALBALL

Gustav Kallan – GOALBALL

Captain on the Danish Goalball team for men (no. 8 in the picture), Denmark

Feedback from The Danish Goalball Team for Men, who have played with Handi Life Sport’s JUSTA BLIND SPORTS MASK for 7 months: “Your JUSTA mask is clearly the best we have ever played with!” The Danish National Goalball team for men – just loves the Justa Blind Sports Masks – watch here why!


Coach and Disability Officer at Palace for Life Foundation, United Kingdom

“Superb customer service and quality blind footballs and eyeshades! Thank you for supporting our blind football initiative in Zimbabwe! ⚽”.
CP Sport logo

Bob Feeney – BOCCIA

CP Sport, Nottingham

“For 15 years, CP Sport, Nottingham, has sold Handi Life Sport’s boccia equipment in England, Scotland and Wales. The popularity of the boccia sport is now strongly increasing and boccia is played by a broad spectrum of people within senior sports, the leisure sector, rehabilitation and disabled sports. CP Sport greatly values our long-term cooperation with Handi Life Sport. We appreciate their support and faultless service – and we look forward to continuing the cooperation for many years to come. Handi Life Sport manufactures boccia balls of fantastic quality – and the balls seem to last forever!”
Fokus Svensk Nyhetsmagasin logo


Swedish weekly magazine, Sweden

The Swedish weekly magazine, FOKUS, selected Handi Life Sport’s Indoor Petanque as being amongst the 3. best products that were shown at the Senior Trade Show in Gothenburg.
Seniors playing Petanque

Lotta Tengberg, centerchef – PETANQUE

Manager of several Activity Centres in the, Gothenburg area, Sweden

“We started with one court, but we have now expanded into several courts. We have had many more visitors since we started Indoor Petanque. This has given positive, social effects. People meet before and after the game and chat together and have a pleasant time”.