Petanque Superior 12 balls set

Kjell Jonasson – PETANQUE

From Gothenburg has closely followed the development of indoor petanque in Sweden, Sweden

“Indoor petanque has become immensely popular in Sweden where it is called “Inomhusboule”. The game is played at senior centres, pensioners’ clubs, senior residences and many other places. It is not strange that it has become so popular because the game is very social and contributes to enjoyment, laughter, activity, fellowship, exercise and excitement. All at the same time. Almost everyone can play petanque and it can be played everywhere on any kind of surface. It is simple and easy to play and the balls are easy to hold and of high quality.”
DBSV logo

Reiner Delgado, DBSV – SOUND BALLS


“In the German organisation for the blind and visually impaired (DBSV), we have tested Handi Life Sport’s new football / futsal ball – and we think it is brilliant to play with.”
Playing boccia at a nursing home

David Bacon – BOCCIA

Volunteer Den Bosch, The Netherlands

Hello, I just wanted to give some feedback on your boccia ball set. I am a volunteer at an old people’s center in Den Bosch, Holland. Every week, when I can, I help with a game using your product. After 4 years the balls are in excellent condition even though they are regularly used. More importantly, the residents really enjoy the game which they can easily manage and provides the possibility of skill and chance. Many thanks.
Peter Pearse, IBC 2008

Peter Pearse – BOCCIA

Chairman of The International Boccia Committee (IBC), 2008

“Through the years, Handi Life Sport has donated their first-class boccia balls to use at international boccia competitions such as the European championships, World championships and the Paralympic Games. In so doing, Handi Life Sport has generously supported the international sport of boccia.”
Andrea Madunová – BOCCIA

Andrea Madunová – BOCCIA

Chairwoman of the Organization of Muscular Dystrophy, Slovak Republic

“For people suffering from muscular dystrophy boccia meant revolution, because it has opened for them the door leading back to the gym. For many people, the Handi Life Sport brand is associated with the balls and the game of boccia.”
Francisco Javier Olmos – BOCCIA

Francisco Javier Olmos – BOCCIA

Coach for the Chilean boccia team, Chile

“Personally, I think that Handi Life Sport is a good company with a very responsible, friendly and professional team of employees. As the coach for the Chilean national Boccia team I have had a long cooperation with Handi Life Sport, which has always provided a fast and very friendly service. The sports equipment we have purchased from Handi Life Sport has been of outstanding quality, which allows the Olympic athletes to develop their social and sporting skills in the best way possible. What’s more is that the importing process from Denmark has always been punctual and without problems. This has played an important role in the mutual relationship for both parties, which over a number of years has been characterised by trust. In brief, Handi Life Sport is an exceptionally credible company with high quality standards and professional employees.”
Balls from Handi Life Sport

Volkan Akyuz, Aksport, Ankara – SOUND BALLS

The balls are used in Turkey by several sports federations, Turkey

“Handi Life Sport’s footballs for the blind and visually impaired are excellent with regard to quality, sound and playing abilities. The balls are used in Turkey by several sports federations such as The Turkish Football Federation, The Turkish Athletics Federation and The Sports Union for the Blind.”