Torball is an indoor ball game for the blind and visually impaired, a sort of ‘goalball light’.

It is played with a 500-gram rubber ball fitted with interior bells, and the players wear facemasks. Each team consists of three players that must stay on their half of the court at all times. Goals are located at both ends of the court, and the players must guard these goals to prevent the opponent from scoring.

In front of the goals, three parallel ropes are suspended 40 cm above the floor. The ball must roll under these ropes without touching them in order to score a goal.

Torball is especially popular in countries in Central Europe (like Germany, the Netherlands and Austria) and in Latin America. It is also played on the other continents, in Asia, Africa and Oceania.

Read the official Torball rules here:

Watch this video of students playing torball:

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