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Movement and physical play are immensely important for preschool children!

Small children are born with the urge to play! In the digital world of today, it is crucially important to support the physical movement and play for small children. There is a strong correlation between the development of the body and of the brain, and of physical movement and wellbeing!

Preschools children need to use and train all their senses i.e. (tactile, hearing, visual etc.) and, rather than competing, they benefit from the movement and the play in itself: colours, imagination, hearing, movement etc. Rather than focusing on “who is the best” they enjoy games that bring them together and teach empathy and trust.

Our product range contains many games and activities well suited for preschool children.

Products that are soft, colourful and with a friendly appearance:

  • Colourfull lightweight balls, with jingling or rattling sounds.
  • Smaller boccia balls for precision games
  • soft lightweight skittles for fun precision games
  • balloon balls – easy to handle also for small children
  • Polyester masks – small children will enjoy and benefit from exercises and fantasy travels with blind folds, where they learn to be more aware of tactile and audible sensing.


Small children playing with Petito Foam

On top small children playing with Petito Foam.
Below children playing with Apricot Blind football.

ChildrenPlayingBlindFootball with Apricot


In Handi Life Sport you find boccia balls which are smaller than normal boccia balls. They are great for small children. The Boccia 200 set are made of strong PU (Ø 70 mm, weight app. 200 grams per ball).

Boccia is a precision sport that can be played by everyone, including children with very severe disabilities.

Great for inclusion and interaction with non-disabled children. Also a great sport for children who don’t like contact sport like football, basketball etc.

Children playing boccia in Ukraine
Small children playing bocciaboccia2


At Handi Life Sport we have many different sound balls – different sizes, weights, colour and sound. Some like the Petito Foam are soft and squeezable with a soft sound as well, one of the small children’s favorite.

Wearing polyester masks the small children will enjoy and benefit from exercises and fantasy travels, where they learn to be more aware of tactile and audible sensing.

ChildrenPlayingBlindFootball with ApricotActivityWithBlindfold
Small children playing with Petito Foam


Bowling Ligt, Bowling Partout, Floor Target Mat with beanbags

All these activities can be played on very few square meters.

They are great games – easy to play and perform.

Make an exciting competition with one or more of these precision games. Use your boccia/petanque balls or the beanbags for a tossing game or slide the beanbags like a curling-game…

You can also place the Skittles on the Floor Target Mat to add an extra dimension in the game.

Anyone can join!

Below a short video of Bowling Light:

Bowling Partout