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Rehab & Physio

The Rehabilitation process involves many aspects: physical, psychological, mental and social, and they are all connected.

An very important aspect of successful Rehabilitation is the motivation of the person / the individual that goes through the rehab process.

When the clients are positively believing that the process will lead to something better, they are encouraged to make more efforts. If they have fun together with others during the rehab process, they will be further motivated and empowered. So, the good circle has begun.

Fun Rehab

We created our Rehab products based on the idea that it is very effective to include fun, play, and social interaction in the rehab process.

Our products for Rehab and Physio provide essential training of muscles, movement, coordination and balance.
Ideally, the equipment should be used together with others to create the important social aspect.

Our products are safe, easy to use, and hold a variety of sensual properties through colours, shapes, sound and tactile stimuli.

The Handi Life Sport Fun Rehab products are used in Schools for Special Needs, by Physio Therpists, Occupational Therapists, Hospitals, Rehab Centers & Clinics, Activity Centers etc.

The products we recommend for rehabilitation all have these qualities:
  • They are easy and safe to use
  • They can be used inside with limited space
  • They can be used sitting or standing
  • They feature bright colours and are soft and pleasant to use.
  • They can be cleaned and disinfected
  • They look pleasing and professional

Below the 3 products you find our recommended activities.

Exercise with Trimmy Ball Handi Weight

For inspiration watch this video about Trimmy Ball Introduction:


An ideal sport that everyone can participate in.

Boccia and/or petanque are great rehabilitation activities: the balls are easy to hold, both can be played either sitting down or standing, and time just flashes by! It strengthens coordination, balance and muscles while you are having fun.

Boccia and petanque only require a level surface and a small open space. You can play inside in the day room or in the corridors, or outdoors on the terrace, the lawn or on gravel. The balls are pleasant to hold and easy to see. Even people with severe visual impairment can join in.

You can play either one on one or form teams of two to three players.

Boccia and petanque are also particularly good activities for people suffering from dementia.

Boccia is a sport for everyone:



Bowling Ligt, Bowling Partout, Floor Target Mat with beanbags

All these activities can be played on very few square meters.

They are great games – easy to play and perform.

Make an exciting competition with one or more of these precision games. Use your boccia/petanque balls or the beanbags for a tossing game or slide the beanbags like a curling-game…

You can also place the Skittles on the Floor Target Mat to add an extra dimension in the game.

Anyone can join!

Below a short video of Bowling Light:

Bowling Partout


The pleasant rattling sound of the audible balls provides extra stimuli, which is especially important for the many visually impaired people. Handi Life Sport’s wonderful audible balls are suitable for exercising in groups.

The audible balls can be used for a number of different activities and games. Seated in a circle, participants can use the balls to play sitting basketball, a fun and bonding activity. Use Standing Circle Goal and throw the balls into the net.  Alternatively, they can hand or throw the ball to the next person in the circle while everyone says the name of that person. Or participants can stand with support from a barre and kick the ball to each other. Or…

The rattling sound sharpens focus and concentration.

The sound balls are available in different sizes and materials. For more info look here: Multipurpose sound balls


boccia1 Butterfly Bell Ball and Victoria


A comfortable dumbbell for weight training (available in 300, 700 and 1000 grams).

Soft and pleasant-to-the-touch leather quality.

The dumbbell is easily fastened with velcro and cannot be dropped. Ideal for seated physical exercises.