Goalball is a well-known and widespread ball game for the blind and visually impaired. It is an intense game that makes demands to the players’ physique and ability to cooperate.

Two teams play against each other on a court with a goal in each end covering the entire back-line. The players use their entire body to guard the goal, and in an attempt to score, the ball is rolled powerfully towards the opponent’s goal.

The game is played with a blue rubber ball fitted with bells weighing 1250 grams, and the players use protective masks and protective gear.


  • Two teams, each consisting of three players, play against each other.
  • The dimensions of a goalball court is 9 x 18 meter with a 9 m goal at each end of the court.
  • A game lasts 24 minutes divided into two halves of 12 minutes.
  • The game is played with a blue rubber ball fitted with bells weighing 1250 grams
  • The objective of the game is to score goals by rolling the ball over the opponent’s goal line and, of course, to prevent the opponents from scoring goals.
  • The ball must be rolled on the floor, allowing the players to hear the ball and move towards it to prevent the opponent from scoring. The whole body can be used to defend the goal.

Read the official rules on IBSA’s homepage:

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Feed back from The Danish Goalball Team for Men, who have played with Handi Life Sport’s JUSTA BLIND SPORTS MASK for 7 months:

“Your JUSTA mask is clearly the best we have ever played with!”.

Gustav Kallan, Denmark

Captain on the Danish Goalball team for men (no. 8 in the picture).


Handi Life Sport also offers glasses and masks that are used to ensure that none of the participants can see in the various sports for visually impaired.

We offer our excellent Justa Blind Sports Mask and polyester masks (red or black). The Justa Blind Sports Mask, are used for goalball, showdown, football for the Blind (5-a-side) and other kinds of blind sports.

The masks can also be used for teambuilding and sensory exercise.

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