Justa Blind Sports Mask

$ 35.00

Justa Blind Sports Mask

The professional eyeshade of soft moulded black rubber with perfect fit. One size, adjustable elastic strap. Strap in red or blue colour.

The JUSTA blind sport mask is safe, protective, super comfortable – and completely no vision. Use when playing Blind Football, Goalball, Torball, Showdown etc. The Justa eyeshades are very popular among both elite and other players.

The Justa Mask has some features that make the mask more safe, more protective – and just, in the sense that wearing this mask ensures no vision and everyone play on a just level.

And what are the requirements for a Mask for Blind Sports? There are several issues:

  1. Protection of the player’s eyes, forehead and nose root  – and also protection of the other players, in the sense that they should never get hurt when in touch with the mask
  2. No vision: the mask must shut out all light and vision
  3. Comfort: the mask must be breathable and comfortable
  4. Affordable: the price should be low enough to make the mask available for all


We have solved these issues by creating a new & slightly enlarged design with plenty of space for eyes and eyelashes, using new materials and highly professional cooperation partners.

  • Shape: the shape of Justa Mask will follow your head’s shape around the sides and hereby offer protection also to peaks. The mask goes down quite long on the nose, thus offers protection of nose root and high cheeks. At the same time this shape shuts out light & sight.
  • Edges: All edges are rounded – no sharp edges. This to avoid that other players get hurt.
  • Material: soft & flexible but still with enough thickness and strength to give protection. The masks’ outer material is pure TPU –  Thermoplastic Polyuretane. This material lives up to all EU regulations for health and safety.
  • Foam: pure PU foam (Polyurethan) of extra thickness (16 mm). This special foam does not allow light to penetrate and ensures complete darkness. The thickness of the foam provides a close and comfortable fit, and ensures that all vision is shut out. The foam lives up to all EU regulations for health and safety.
  • Manufacture: In order to secure the highest quality, we cooperate with an experienced factory that also manufacture protection glasses for the army.
The national Danish Goalball team just loves Justa Blind Sports Masks - click here and find out why!

Please choose red or blue rubber band on the mask.

Note: We offer a discount if buying min. 6 Justa Blind Sports Masks. If you want the discount, you have to choose the same colour on the rubber band. 


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Weight 120 g




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