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Powerchair Football

Powerchair football, also known as power soccer, is an indoor team sport for people who use power wheelchairs.

Two teams consisting of four players fight for victory during two halves of 20 minutes. One goalie and three field players fight to score more goals than their opponent while simultaneously keeping the ball out of their own goal.

The sport is played with an oversized football (size 32), and the ball is kicked around with metal footguards attached to the power wheelchairs.

Powerchair football makes heavy demands to the player’s chair control skill, including controlling the speed, acceleration and precision of the chair.


Powerchair football was developed in France in the 1970’s and is now gaining popularity in the entire world. The sport is organised by the international federation FIPFA.

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  • Powerchair Football is played on a 20 x 13 meter court, which is equivalent to a basketball court.
  • Each goal is 8 meters wide and is indicated by two cones placed at each end of the court.
  • The ball has an approximate diameter 33 cm (13 inches).
  • Each team consists of four players.
  • The game consists of two halves of 20 minutes.


Read the official rules on FIPFA’s homepage.