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Senior sport

For inspiration look at this film about the happy life in a senior petanque sport club  

Senior Sport is growing rapidly these years – along with the increasing numbers of healthy and active senior citizens. Physical activity, as well as the social life connected to sport and play, is an important part of a good life, and crucial for maintaining physical well being and health.

Maybe you feel that tennis or soccer is no longer the right sport for you – so why not switch to a physically less demanding sport like Boccia or Petanque!

Boccia, petanque and croquet can be performed outdoors as well as indoors. Boccia and Petanque are sports that can also be enjoyed if the athlete uses crutches or sits in a wheel chair.
Croquet is another traditional sport that is very well suited for seniors.
Boccia, Petanque and croquet is played by seniors in:

  • Sport clubs
  • Activity centers
  • Day care centers
  • Senior clubs
  • Rest homes

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