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Handi Life Sport was founded when the sport of boccia took its first beginnings. Our goal was to develop a consistent, high-quality ball for this new, exiting sport – because the sport of boccia could only succeed with dependable, first-class equipment.

The boccia ball is still at the heart of our company. Today, it can be found in many different varieties and qualities.

Many other products for games and sports have since been added to Handi Life Sport’s range of quality equipment. Among them are petanque, soundballs, showdown, croquet, and more.

The common trait of all our products is that they can be used by everyone, including people with functional impairment. Many of our products can also be used both indoors and outdoors.

It is our mission and everyday joy to provide service to our wonderful costumers throughout the world by supplying them with the ideal equipment.

We appreciate customer feedback and would very much like to hear from you, because listening to feedback is the only thing that allow us to continue to improve and develop our products.

We believe that sport, games and collective activities create happiness, growth and positive relations. These are the values we work for in Handi Life Sport.

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If you have never heard about boccia before, it is best described as a form of petanque. Boccia is played throughout the world, and it is both a professional, Paralympic sport, and a great game for social gatherings.

One of the things that make boccia a great sport is the fact that it can be played in small spaces with only little preparation. A court can be made quickly and easily in the gymnasium, the therapy room, on the terrace, or even in your own living room!

We produce and deliver boccia balls as well as all types of boccia equipment to all levels of play. Whether you are a professional, a casual player or looking to use boccia for purposes of rehabilitation, we have the quality balls to suit your purpose.

Our focus on product development ensures that our balls are both durable and functional.

For these reasons, many of the world’s best boccia players use balls from Handi Life Sport. Among them are former world number one and Paralympic medalist, Marco Dispaltro. Learn more about him and hear him talk about boccia here (from 2015):


We are situated in tiny Denmark, but our considerable international network makes it possible for us to reach the entire world.

With distributors in more than 30 countries as well as our logistical setup in Denmark, we deliver to more than 80 countries throughout the world.


Because we are dedicated to developing the best products, we collaborate with some of the best sports organizations in the world.

IBSA – International Blind Sports Federation

Our ball for blind football is the official ball for international competitions, including the Paralympic Games in 2016 and Tokyo2020.

BISFed – Boccia International Federation

We have delivered boccia equipment to BISFed and their international championships for many years.

The International Paralympic Committee

We have delivered sports equipments to the Paralympic Games since 1988.

UEFA – the Union of European Football Associations

We deliver balls to projects supported by UEFA.