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Justa Goalball tape – 6 rolls


NEW: Justa Goalball Tape

Goalball is a classic ball game for the visually impaired, played all over the world.

The goalball court is marked by a strong tape under which is placed a string, giving the players a tactile feeling of the borders of the court.

It is important that the tape is of high quality to make sure the tape does not wear off during a game.

Our Justa Goalball Tape is both durable and strong, as well as easy to put on and remove!

The Justa Goalball Tape has been tested by the Danish Men’s Goalball team, who said the quality is superb.

This is a package of 6 rolls. You can also buy a box of 36 rolls.

Specifications of 1 roll of tape:

Length: 33 meters (~ 10.8 yards)
Width: 48 millimetres (~ 1.9 inches)

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Weight 2300 g



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