Pre Schools

Movement and physical play are immensely important for preschool children! Small children are born with the urge to play! In the digital world of today, it is crucially important to support the physical movement and play for small children. There is a strong correlation between… Read More »Pre Schools

Care homes

As we all know, but maybe tend to forget: Care home residents are people like everyone else, they just have some physical or mental limitations so that need help and care in their daily life. They still appreciate to be active and social with others,… Read More »Care homes

Blind sports

Organized sports for people with vision impairment (VI) started more than 100 years ago. After WWl, the many wounded young soldiers who had lost their eyesight partly or totally during the war needed some fun physical training, and Goalball was invented in Germany as part… Read More »Blind sports


Company Sport, Team building and Events for Everyone Have you been given the task of arranging company sports or team building activities in your organization? Or do you need to get a group of people to cooperate and work together by doing fun group activities?… Read More »COMPANY & FAMILY


Sport increases happiness, it strengthens the physique and forges strong social communities. There is absolutely no reason to stop doing sport simply because you are getting older – quite the contrary. Are you no longer able to play tennis or football? Then make the shift… Read More »SENIOR SPORTS

Rehab & Physio

The Rehabilitation process involves many aspects: physical, psychological, mental and social, and they are all connected. An very important aspect of successful Rehabilitation is the motivation of the person / the individual that goes through the rehab process. When the clients are positively believing that… Read More »Rehab & Physio

School Sports

Teambuiling and Sensory Exercise Did you know that children with disabilities who do sports will do better later in life in terms of education, work and independence? The same holds true for adults with disabilities. Generally, sport and physical activity lead to increased happiness, confidence… Read More »School Sports


Adapted sports is the umbrella term for sport and athletics for people with any kind of functional impairment. A wide range of different adapted sports and activities are available, and still more are being developed. Some sports, such as swimming, athletics and equestrian, are very… Read More »ADAPTED SPORTS