Premium goods (Ledo Suede Supersoft boccia balls and bags)

Boccia Ledo Suede balls

Dear Handi Life Sport,

Everything arrived in one piece today!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! ❤

I’m going to training today and I will check the new balls on court. I catched them already and I really like them and I’m sure these are supersoft. ?? Before the competition I will use the Bisfed test kit to check the balls with ramp test for sure. You know the new rules are really hard. In the call room if we have a bad ball the referees take them out and we won’t get another one and they will check our balls after the match once more so this is a true nightmare I think..??? I always check my balls when I finish the training.??

Thank you very much for a lot of help and for these premium goods. I hope they will help me a lot in competitions. 🙂

I wish the best for all of you!

Vivien Nagy